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PIA ADLESIC All breed doghandler

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Pia Adlesic 

-Crufts Junior Handling winner 2005
-Crufts Junior Handling Final 2006
-Best Junior Handler in Slovenia for 2005&2006


Welcome to my homepage! Thank you for your visit and please stop by soon!



I'm Pia Adlesic and I live in Ljubljana. I was born on 24th of July and I am a typical Leo(very stubborn and rebellion).
Since I can remember dogs were a part of my life. When I was little my grandma had Rough Collies and later we also had German Shepherds. I just loved them, I could play with them all day long. But my biggest wish was, to have a dog that could be just mine. Cause my parents don't like dogs so much this wasn't an easy task. I beged and finally came a Maltese named Kai.
When I got Kai I became involved with cinology. I started with dog shows and later agility and dog dance. I also got an award for my work in cinology and an award for special achievements in Slovenian Cinology. In 2005 I won Crufts Junior Handling final and in 2006 I came between best 10 countries in the world. This were two wonderfull experiences, and I'm very proud of them too.
I hope you will enjoy your stay on my homepage. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


Last update: 16.12.2006

Pia Adlesic 2005