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PIA ADLESIC All breed doghandler

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Crufts 2005

International Junior Handling Final winner 2005!!!
Overall Junior Handler in the world!

Malta, Monaco&Slovenia


Crufts. The biggest and one of most spectacular dog shows in the world. There are around 23.000(more than 200 different breeds)of dogs registered on Crufts every year.

I represented Slovenia on International Junior Handling Final 2005. I competed with Maltese(Zumarnik A Kiss For Luck To Lafford "Trever") and was one of 32 Juniors on Crufts dog show. Judge was Mr. Luis Pinto Teixeira from Portugal.

We competed on Sunday and have Friday and Saturday off. We started around 11.00 o'clock. We went up and down and we also did triangle, then we switched dogs. My swap dog was Australian Shepherd called "Lola". Then judge choosed 10 finalists and between 10 finalists first three places.
The most unbelivable thing happened to me:


This was the first time that Slovenian handler got between 10 finalists and between best three handlers.
No words can describe my feelings about being BEST JUNIOR HANDLER IN THE WORLD!!

Many thanks to Trever's owner Mrs.Nicola Welbourn, for lending me her Trever. To Goga who went with me to Crufts. To Polona Blatnik and my mentor Gregor Nemanic for all the support. Also many thanks to all of my friend for all that nice e-mails and SMSes. To Mrs. Cartledge who organized everything very well.
And last but not least many thanks to judge Mr. Luis Pinto Teixeira.

And to all Junior's on Crufts: You guys were great, hope to see you again sometime;)

You can see more pictures from Crufts in my gallery!

At gala dinner on Friday

Pia Adlesic 2005