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PIA ADLESIC All breed doghandler

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20&21.11.2004 CACIB Zagreb (Croatia-HR)

My last show in year 2004...;) It was Croatian dog show with some speciality shows. I helped groom some dogs and I was competing Junior Handling too. There were a lot of competitors from lot of countries(best Italian Junior Handler and Best Austrian and Croatian Junior Handlers). So I was happy with my placing(I got between 5 best Junior Handlers on that show).


14.11.2004 CAC Ljubljana 2004(Slovenia-SLO)WINTER WINNER

Last show of this season in Slovenia was small show in Ljubljana. I helped groom some dogs and I handle Peruian Hairless dog HUARMI DELFINO DEL CAN she got Excellent 1,CAC and BOB and she became Winter Winner(she won speciality show for Peruian Hairless dog). I also helped hendle Golden Retriever from Mr.Hoiker in breeding group(we were 2nd best breeding group on that show).


18&19.9.2004 CACIB Maribor(Slovenia-SLO)

This weekend was show in Maribor. Once again I helped handeled lhasas to Vesna. I handeled her Tong-Hua Tsarong he got Excellent 1 and CAC and Tong-Hua B'ter Dzaybo Zigsa he also got Excellent 1 and CAC. I also helped her handle dogs in breeding group. Oh, and I handeled Miniature Poodle he got Excellent 1 and he was Best Junior in Class.

I also compete in Junior Handling. On Saturday I competed with Wippeth My Camelot Tito of Karstia.Thanks to Ales Novak who lended me his "Oto". And on Sunday I competed with Lhasa apso Everglo Anya of Bo. Thanks Vesna for lending me your "Anya";)


29.8.2004 CAC Trbovlje(Slovenia-SLO)

Plesant Slovenian show on last weekend in August.I helped groomed lhasas to my friend Vesna Krajnc. I also hendeled one of her lhasas Tong-Hua Tsarong.He got Excellent 1 and CAC. And I can't forget Schiperke that I handeled Baguette-Bagi she got Excellent 1 and was very perspective.

I also competed Junior Handling with Siberian Husky Cristall and we won.Thanks to Marko Bonin for lending me Cristall.


15.(CAC Gorizia)&22.8.2004 (CAC Sacile) (Italy-I)

Two more Italian shows and the summer season will be soon ower.I helped prepear some dogs for show and took some photos ;)


17&18.7. 2004 CACIB Oberwart(Austria-A)

Cacib Oberwart was one more Summer Show. I was preparing dogs for the show and help in rings ;)


Saturday 19.6.2004 CACIB Portoroz(Slovenia-SLO)

The year is once again around and here is again Summer show at Slovenian town Portorz.
I handeled Lakeland Terrier and he got Excellent 1,CAC,CACIB and BOB. I also competed in Junior Handling with English springer Spaniel Carousel'N' Talking Eyes Inferno and I won. I was absolute winner of Junior Handling on Saturday. I also help prepare some dogs for show(grooming). Thanks to Gregor Nemanic for lending me "Dante".


Sunday 20.6.2004 CACIB Portoroz(Slovenia-SLO)

On Sunday I handeled Australian Shepherd FLYING FORTRESS BIBI BLOCKSBERG she got Excellent 1 and she was Best Junior in Class, which made her Slovenian Junior Champion(Slo JCh.)!!
I also competed in Junior handling with Siberian Husky Tristan and I was again Best Junior handler that day, which made me ABSOLUTE JUNIOR HANDLING WINNER on that show!!!


30.5.2004 CAC Hrusica (Slovenia-SLO)

And one more Slovenian show in Hrusica. I groomed and handeled BINGO SNEZNA KEPICA, he got Excellent 1 and he was very perspective puppy.I also compete in Junior Handling with West White Highland Terrier della Riva d'Arno and we were 2nd.Thanks to Matej Franc for lending me "Timey".


16.05.2004 CAC Medjugorje(Bosnia and Herzegovina-BiH):

And the last day of our "trip" to Bosnia. We were very tired because Best In Show last night lasted until 3 o'clock in the morning. I handeled and groomed Shetland Sheepdog she got Excellent 1,CAC and she became Bosnia and Herzegovina champion!!!Judge was Norman Huidobro Corbet(E). We came home in the early morning hours and we had a really great and successfull weekend.


15.05.2004 CAC Siroki Brijeg(Bosnia and Herzegovina - BiH)night show

This was us usually night show.I handeled Shetland Sheepdog she got Excellent 1,CAC and CACIB.The judge was Zijah Zulovic(BiH).I also handeled Rough Collie he got Excellent 1 and CAC(the same judge). I also helped groomed and show some dogs.


15.05.2004 CACIB Mostar(Bosnia and Herzegovina - BiH)

First day of this "triple" show in Bosnia. I was quite busy I handeled:
-Chow Chow got Excellent 1,CAC and CACIB, judge Paul Stanton (S)
-Siberian Husky got Excellent 1 and res. CAC, judge Paul Stanton (S)
-Leonberger SAFRANE DU VAL DAVENSIS got Excellent 1,CAC,CACIB and BOB
I also helped groom and walk the dogs.

Pia Adlesic 2005