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PIA ADLESIC All breed doghandler

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Stars@Sea Beardies (Slovenia)

Tong Hua Lhasa Apso (Slovenia)

Sparkling Guy's Parson Russell Terrier (Austria)

Ovcarska Border Collie (Slovenia)

De Los Hijos De La Luna Dogo Argentino (France)

Jonfi Golden Retriver& Australian Shepherd (Slovenia)

Panthera Unica Dalmatian (Slovenia)

Altervita Boxer (Slovenia)

Ti La Shu Tibetan Terrier & Lhasa Apso(Germany)

De Crignis Siberian Husky (Slovenia)

Vom Affinger Bach Shelties (Germany)


Shorthair St. Bernard Bina (Slovenia)

Border Collie Lynn (Slovenia)

Border Collie Kate (Slovenia)

Friends Doghandlers:

Gregor Nemanic proffesional doghandler (Slovenia)

Maurizio Albanese proffesional doghandler (Italy)

Katja Rauhut doghandler (Germany)

Lana Premk doghandler (Slovenia)

Eszter Kazinczy doghandler (Hungary)

Other dog stuff pages: Slovenian dog page

Aniwa nice page about dogs and cats Slovenian dog page

Dog'o'mania another dog page

Kennel Clubs:

Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI)

Croatian Kennel Club (HKS)

Slovenian Kennel Club (KZS)

Austrian Kennel Club (OEKV)

Italian Kennel Club (ENCI)

Cheh Kennel Club (CMKU)

Serbia and Montenegro Kennel Club (JKS)

Luxemburg Kennel Club (UCHL)

American Kennel Club (AKC)

United Kingdom Kennel Club (UKKC)

Russian Kennel Club (RKF)

Pia Adlesic 2005