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PIA ADLESIC All breed doghandler

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Special Thanks

There are some very special people in my life I want to thank:


First, I want to thank to Polona Blatnik. She thought me everything about Bearded Collies, Chinese Crested’s and showed me some grooming tricks. She is also a wonderful friend. Thank you Polona!


To Lana Premk, who started it all! Without her I wouldn’t be competing in Junior Handling.


I also want to thank to Vesna Krajnc and Matej Franc. They let me work in their saloon and thought me a lot about grooming and Lhasas, they are also great friends! Thank you, both of you!


And of course my biggest thanks goes to my mentor Gregor Nemanic. He thought me a lot about handling, lend me his dogs and took me to the shows with him. He is also a really wonderfull friend. Thank you for everything Gregor!


And last but not least I would like to thank all the people who aren’t mentioned here, but who were there for me all these years and helped me to achieve what I did. Thank you guy’s it wouldn’t be the same without you!

Pia Adlesic 2005